Cosmopolitan Village's Philosophies  

To create,

the most fertile enviroment for a truly multi-cultural atmosphere in Japan.

To provide,

an opportunity for people to communicate with each other.

To deliver,

communication with a smile and make communicating with all people, a pleasure and a joy.

To nurture,

a globally-minded and forward-thinking people of Japan, who are proud to bring Japan to the world.




Welcome to Cosmopolitan Village

Hello Everyone! Our office staff information is here!


Our System and Services  


Family-style home-tutoring lessons.

For parents who want to be a part of their child's learning, and who are motivated in providing their family with the most natural communicators of English. All family members can take part in the lesson, and students have the option of choosing a 60min or 90min course to best suit their needs. Lesson times are fixed with a set day and time of the week.

Cafe-style one-on-one lessons.

Offering adults the chance to sit back and communicate in a relaxed environment, as they might do with a friend in an English speaking country. At the student's most convenient location, these lessons offer one-on-one concentrated English lessons with a focus on communication.

Group lessons with friends

For students interested in taking up English, but not quite ready to do it on their own. This service gives clients the chance to meet with teachers in a relaxed, fun and friendly environment. Group lessons offer a maximum of three students.

Business English at the company

For forward-thinking and global-minded companies interested in creating an edge on their English communications and manners in their office.

Annual events and parties

Giving people the opportunity to come together, communicate and learn from each other. Our annual events and parties will be the core theme in our attempt at creating a 'Cosmopolitan Village'.

A uniquely tailored curriculum for each client

Each individual student will go through a detailed needs analysis and interview by 'Cosmopolitan Village' staff, in order to best determine and cater for their specific English language learning needs. A tailored curriculum based on the client's needs will be prepared, and at any stage they will be free to change the direction or content of their personal curriculum. Teachers are required to fill out a brief report after each lesson, charting student's progress throughout their course.

Short-term intensive English exchange programs

All students with 'Cosmopolitan Village' have the opportunity to partake in an extra-curricular English exchange program with our affiliated school in Australia. This program is unique in that it offers students the chance to become even more motivated in their English lessons, and provides the meaningful opportunity to use their English in a realistic environment.

The Natural Method

Our curriculum is based on what we call 'The Natural Method'. Put simply, we aim to recreate in the home, an environment in which native English speakers have been brought up in. In the students' own comfortable surrounds, English too becomes a natural and easily acquired part of student's every day lives.

Thorough, quick and reliable support

We aim to offer students one rank above the rest. In striving for high quality service, we give students the chance to improve their language skills in every way possible. Students can partake in extra options such as our 'email service', we also offer translating services, and are able to provide support and counseling to students regarding their respective learning needs.




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