Privacy Policy  

1. Cosmopolitan Village Inc. abides by the codes and regulations of the Protection of Private Information Act.

2. All personal information will be protected from security leaks, unauthorized access, loss, damage or alteration to all information.

3. All private information gathered by this company, will only be used for and by this company. The use of personal information includes the following;

Administrative duties regarding the reservation of and progress of contracted English lessons.
Promotion materials containing information about this company's campaigns and special events.
Questionnaire and needs analysis for new students.

4. This company's compliance program includes ongoing revision in accordance with changes to the aforementioned law itself.


5. Regarding the release of personal information to a third party;

This company will not release personal information of any kind to a third party, without the specific authorization of the individual.
However, this company reserves the right to release personal information only in the case of mandatory legal requirements.


6. Regarding the custody and administration of personal information;

Any personal information acquired by this company, will be protected under strict abidance of the company's compliance program.


7. Amendments to the open disclosure of registrative information

This company will abide by the most recent and relevant laws released in the upkeep and maintenance of all personal information.
Personal information may be released to respective individuals upon request.
In the case where personal information recorded is incorrect, the correct information will be confirmed and all documents deemed unnecessary, will be destroyed.


April 1 2012
Exective Yoshihide Endo

For information regarding Privay Policy, please contact;
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